Foreign exchange transactions

Tom is the treasurer of a company which sells building material.
Several of his supplier and clients are abroad.
His company uses FX Forward contracts on a regular basis in order to control its fx risk.
Tom’s manager regularly asks him a report regarding balances of the company in different currencies and a forecast of the expected cash flows in the coming months.
Tom is also asked to put in place a fx risk management policy in order to minimise losses due to fluctuations of exchange rates.

Tradista allows Tom to manage all his tasks in an intuitive way.
First, Tradista provides him with a report, updated in real time, with an accurate view of the currencies currently held in the company’s accounts.
Thanks to the Tradista’s built-in cash flows forecast feature, Tom can provide his boss with a detailed forecast of the incoming cash flows.
Tom can count on Tradista to help him defining his fx risk management policy because the platform gives him all the needed indicators. Tradista provides him in real time with all the different exchange rates and the possibility to define alerts when a predefined rate has been reached.
Tradista also provides Tom with an exchange rate forecast tool to help in his forecasts.

With this, Tom controls his treasury, provides his boss with the requested reports and efficiently schedules currency buys and sellings for the company.


Anna is the treasurer of a consulting company. Her company needs to invest in renewal of its IT infrastructure and Anna is requested to analyse different loan possibilities as well as interest rate hedging solutions.

Tradista will allow Anna to scan each of the loan offers sent to her company. Indeed, it is very easy using Tradista to generate cash flows forecast simulation and to produce several indicators, allowing to easily compare the offers between them. Tradista, with its built-in interest rates forecast feature, will allow Anna to check what is the best among the several received offers based on fixed and floating rates. Tradista manages several interest rates risk hedging products, like Interest Rates Swaps, which allows Anna to simulate the use of such products to assess their efficiency.

With this, Anna can indicate to her management what is the best loan/heding product combination for the company. Obviously, once contracts are signed, Anna will be able, through Tradista, to follow changes of interest rates, evolution of cash flows related to the contracts and the company’s balances.


Mark is the treasurer of an import/export company of the automotive sector. Business has been good lately, the company has a large cash surplus and Mark is requested to assess investment solutions to make this money grow, keeping an acceptable level of risk for the company.

With Tradista, Mark will be able to compare the different investment solutions. Tradista manages several financial products, like bonds, equities or deposits. Mark will be able to simulate buys of these products, checking the expected cash flows for each of them. Tradista will also provides Mark with several indicators specific to the product type, so he can assess their potential value as well as their risk.

With this, Mark will suggest to his management a portfolio made of several financial products, that matches the investment horizon considered by the company.