Regain control of your treasury with the Tradista Treasury Management Solution.

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Tradista overview

Tradista is a lightweight Treasury Management Solution enabling you to manage in a single tool your daily treasury tasks. Tradista, among other possibilities, can be used for market data analyses, pre-deal checks and trades booking, P&L management, financial inventory management and reporting. Modularity and simplicity are at the heart of Tradista: you will enjoy how easy it is to use and how it can be configured to match your needs.

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Modular by design

With Tradista, you select the asset classes you are interested in, and you only pay for them. If your needs change, it is possible to seamlessly add or remove asset classes, anytime. The asset classes currently available are Foreign Exchange, Interest Rates, Securities and Money Market.

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Tradista can be plugged in to different Market Data Providers. We will choose the relevant provider, depending on your needs and budget. The providers currently available are Bloomberg and Quandl. New ones will be added soon.

Natively Cloud-ready

Tradista is highly flexible and can be adapted to suit your needs. You may want to use it as a complete local installation or prefer to use it through the Cloud. But you may also be interested in intermediate configurations where your already in-place solution uses the Tradista services. Let’s discuss it.

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Java Certified

Last but not least, let’s mention that Tradista follows the best practices in terms of Software management and uses state-of-the-art Java EE based technologies. Our team has long experience in the financial software industry, continuously challenges itself with Oracle Java SE/EE certifications and is active in the Java community. This leads to a reliable and performant software, so you can really focus on what is important for you: your business.

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